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Prague Collectors Summit with Ornela Ramasauskaite

Photo by Egle Senderoviene About the Summit: Whether you only vaguely consider starting your own [...]

Venice Biennale: Crafting Cultural Identity Through Art 

Ornela Ramasauskaite  The Venice Biennale stands as a global platform, not merely for artistic expression, [...]

Transforming Karabakh into a Cultural and Creative Industries Hub 

Photo by Egle Senderoviene Ornela Ramasauskaite  In the realm of cultural metamorphosis, few landscapes offer [...]

Global Brushstrokes: Insights and Projections for the Art Market 2024 

Painting – Linas Kaziulionis Ornela Ramasauskaite  In the vanguard of 2024’s art investment landscape, we [...]

The Alchemy of Art and Wealth: The Untold Investment Opportunities in Azerbaijan 

Photo by Gabija Morkunaite Ornela Ramasauskaite  From the opulent palaces of Renaissance Italy to Silicon [...]

Lithuanian Art Market Expert Ornela Ramasauskaite – Among the Leaders in Global Art Investment

Photo by Gabija Morkunaite  Press release Even though Lithuania is a small country, its artists [...]

Everyone Can Own Art: The Benefits of Collective Investment

Sandra Klimovic Investing in works of art has traditionally been the domain of the rich, [...]

Art Basel & UBS Report. The Art Market 2020 Overview: Motivations for Purchasing Art

Ugne Nagrockaite Why and How high-net-worth (HNW) Collectors Purchase Art The reasons for purchasing works [...]

Art Basel & UBS Report. The Art Market 2020 Overview: Art Fairs

Ugne Nagrockaite In 2019, art fairs remained of crucial importance to the art market’s infrastructure. [...]

The Online Art Trade Report 2019: Overview

Ugne Nagrockaite The Hiscox online art trade report 2019 reveals continued growth in online art [...]